Handling the bow is the first lesson in every archery lesson. This is because archery is an art that cannot accept second guesses; you just have to learn how to handle your bow from the beginning to the end. The first step in all archery lessons is how to string the bow that you want to use.

There are different kinds of bows available and each comes with its own way of tying. Therefore, you need to start learning all the techniques so that you can do it on your own when you have to.

Foot bracing technique

Foot bracing technique

The first and simple technique is known as the foot bracing technique. The technique includes the use of nothing rather than your hands and feet. The first step is tying one end of the string tone end of the bow. Once you have successfully and tightly done that, you now turn the bow. Hold down the tied end with the front of your toes so that it does not slide.

After this, you have to push down the upper end of the bow downwards to ensure that it bends as your other hand pulls the string upwards towards the limb. Once they are close to one another, you can tie the string and have yourself a well-timed bow ready for training or hunting.

Step-Through Technique

Step-Through Technique bow

In this step, you need to be quite careful as you might fall off if you don’t do it carefully. The first step is putting the string on one end in the right position. After this, turn the bow and have the stringed part at the bottom.

Hold the upper end of the string with your left hand and the upper side of the arm with your right hand.

Then, step through the space between the string and the bow with your right leg. Ensure that the bottom part is close as possible to the toes of your left leg. With the back of your right leg, slowly bend down the bow as you pull up the string with your left hand and hold the bow with your right hand. Ensure that the string gets to the knob and then let go and begin your archery.

Stringer technique

Stringer technique bow

This is one of the safest and effortless methods of stringing a bow. It entails the use of a device called a stringer. The device is made up of a string that is actually longer in length than the bowstring. The device also has two caps on either side. When stringing using the stringer, you loosely place the bowstring on the arms of the bow.

Once you have done this, you now slowly place the stringer cap on either side of the bow limbs. Once you are through, you step down the stringer rope with your feet as you pull the arms of the bow. The arms in turn bend and you now above to string the bowstring in the required position.

The Tutorials on How To String A Crossbow

Compound bows

The string is put into the pulleys by the help of a device called a bow press, which pulls the arms close so that you can string the bow.

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