25 Tips to Shoot Better, Hunt Smarter

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What if we tell you that all those things which you have been taught about bow hunting were not more than a trash? Bow hunting is a complete art and for making you master of this art we have gathered some rules, which you should and must follow to get better results let’s take a start now.

Tip 1: Choose the right weapon

People are very much conscious about how much power they will be able to get from their bow. Well, you should be aware of the fact that the output power of the bow varies with a bow to bow and if you have not bought a good enough bow then you are already a loser. So in order to start with a new zeal you have to select your bow accordingly which not only suits but also gives you enough power to get down your target.

Tip 2: You need to be deadly accurate

You should be happy enough to hear that there are certain bows out there which guarantee you to give higher accuracy. But you should also consider this fact as well that accuracy comes within you, the bow only minimizes the error you generate with your own hands. In order to hit maximum targets, you need to strike your arrow right into the position. There is a saying in the archers that says if you are accurate you can even take down the bull with a single arrow. You should understand the message behind that saying really.

Tip 3: Accuracy Vs. Speed

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Unfortunately, you will have to choose any one of these two precious things. But the good archer is someone who gets better accuracy while compromising on speed, and there are also some great archers who can have greater speed and can give away little accuracy. Speed comes from draw length and when you draw with greater force it makes you feel uncomfortable and this is where the accuracy is compromised. If you feel like you can get your target with lesser draw length then you should go for it. Remember speed alone won’t get you everything.

Tip 4: Size of the bow matters

There have been some traditions within the archer’s community and so is the case with rules. There is another great rule which is widely recognized and followed is that long sized and heavier bows get you more accurate results. Well, there is truth in this but the counter argument comes something like this that how would you able to handle that longer and heavier bow? That’s just pathetic argument because the longer and heavier bows even don’t weigh more than 5 pounds if you can handle guns weighing more than 5 pounds then why you cannot handle a bow which gives you better accuracy?

Tip 5: Speed is crucial

Given that all the rules are somehow being followed in one way or the other then you must listen to this rule number 5. The rule says that speed is actually what gives your arrow a right momentum to penetrate deep into your target and increases the lethality of the shot. Let’s say an arrow of average 400 grains is shot with the speed of 270 or 280 fps then it will be all better. Just make sure that you get accuracy with speed otherwise all work goes to the waste.

Tip 6: Get the right accessories

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There is no doubt in saying that skills or practice gives you the higher accuracy but there is something important than this as well. This is your accessories! We are talking about those accessories which aim to give you higher accuracy. Another thing to consider is venison as most of the people go after it but we advise you to not to do such thing.

Tip 7: Improvise your release

Most of the people do some basic mistakes while releasing the arrow and one of those mistakes is stretching the trigger with the tip of your index finger tip. Well, you should hold your trigger with as such when it reaches it the maximum draw length then your index finger’s middle portion should touch the trigger, not the tip. This will give you better release accuracy and accuracy is what you need to get.

Tip 8: let the pin float and squeeze

When you are in the process of squeezing the trigger in the meantime you should try to off the sight pin float. This could become the reason for tightening your groups. You are advised from here is that you should not be holding the pin accurately while you are still on your target. And this practice won’t give you great results as well and it is not even possible given all the conditions. Forget about your old technique just let your pin float and squeeze a bit to get a better shot.

Shoot Better Hunt Smarter 1Tip 9: See the arrow all the way hitting the target

Well, this might sound a little bizarre thing to listen but it’s a standard practice by many great archers to follow the arrow through your sight pin bracket after releasing the arrow. It does a couple of things for sure. First of all, it gives you the habit of not lowering down your bow right after the shot and secondly it also teaches you how to see through the small sight pin bracket for a longer period of time. You should follow this in your practice session as this will enhance your archery skills.

Tip 10: Prepare your nerves

It will be really beneficial for your nerves and skills to taste occasionally (if not too often). What about a bet with your friends to check out your nerves under some sort of pressure. It’s a nice idea because it helps you build that ability which is necessary to perform when something is on the stack just merely the friendly shooting will surely give you something but if you want to achieve higher than this then you must go after some contest. So put something on a stake and be skillful.

Tip 11: Synchronize with the real world

A good hunter is the one who practices in real time environment and in order to follow this rule you should be practicing in low light. Because you will find most of the birds at either dawn or dusk time so be careful about this.

Tip 12: Always be in good shape

The difference between the good hunter and the best hunter is that the latter one maintains the form properly. The form comes with the practice and more practice you do prior to actual shooting then you will have the good ground on a given day.

Shoot Better Hunt Smarter 2Tip 13: Bubble level comes into play

You should be practicing it on a regular basis just have a look at bubble before taking a shot, and adjust the bow accordingly will make you a better archer for sure. This practice alone can give you the enough strength as a hunter.

Tip 14: Check out the arrow spine

The arrow spine not only varies with the bow to bow but it also affects the overall accuracy. Not two different bows will be giving the same result with similar kind of arrow spine so you must consider this thing prior to buying.

Tip 15: Hit the first shot right

Well, this one is interesting and challenging too. You should make your first shot count as much as you can. Because there are situations in real scenarios that you don’t get the chance for the second one so try to take a one shot practice session on a regular basis.

Tip 16: Raise your difficulty level

You should not shy away doing practice in long distance targets as it will really prepare you for the real time targets in future. And of course by increasing the target range you will have to think a lot about it and it will somehow increase your skills.

Tip 17: Make yourself tough

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You need to camouflage a little bit to do real hunting and as a beginner, you just need to follow one rule just watch out your back and let the animal go around you. Then bring out your bow and aim any one of them without letting them noticed your place.

Tip 18: Think about the wind

Well if you ask this thing to any expert hunter you will understand this easily, the wind actually allows animals to notice your position and they will run away even when you will be at the distance. So you need to know exactly what the direction of the wind is in order to become an expert.

Tip 19: On your knees

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This is tested rule that you will get much accuracy and speed if you hit the target getting down on your knees. You should be able to get on both your knees touching down the ground and then take the shot you will surely see the improvement in your performance.

Tip 20: Don’t go after the target

Well, this is the most common mistake done by the beginners as they see the target and they directly approach it. That’s a mistake you should notice the wind direction and try to encircle your target while keeping the distance of 10 to 20 yards.

Tip 21: Use noise

Just before letting the trigger go you should make some noise as it will create panic in the enemy camp and you will get your target in your zone. This may sound crazy but try this you will get results.

Tip 22: Use noiseA fake stake

The thinking decoys there has some sort of importance so you should not consider them as a rut.

Tip 23: Use noisePractice makes a man Perfect

There are only one rules to get better at hunting and that is hit the target too often. Well, it depends on where you live and the legal conditions of your country but as said find out more targets.

Tip 24: Use noiseGo out with the company

Actually, you can enjoy a lot more with friends because in this manner you can go for the group hunting and you will have more chances to get better results than alone. So try this friend’s advice.

Tip 25: Use noiseKeep the morale high

Always look for the improvement in your skills and there is only one way to do this and that is through learning through an expert or practicing with them. This will surely help you to get you there where you have always dreamed of.

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