Top 10 Best Bow Cases Reviews

Save time and money by checking our detailed reviews first on the best bow case to buy

For whatever reason, you buy something in the store or online, it’s always your number one priority to ensure that the life of the good you’ve bought is not shortened in any way.

The same case is the same when it comes to your bow and arrows. It would make no sense to spend so much money to buy a bow and let the bow go to waste just because you don’t have the perfect case to accompany it. It’s hilarious to have a bow but not have a case to keep it in.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your arrows and equally treated as they are important as long as they are usable. Furthermore, the cases come at very cheap prices. You can have any you want from the nearest concerned store. However, it would be better for you if you had an inkling of what the cases entailed.

The following is a list of the top 10 bow cases in the world in the year 2015. You can definitely choose your case from any of the ones below.

1. Plano Protect Compact Bow Case

The Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

The definite fact is that you aren’t the first one to buy a bow, so you would need to look at reviews to know how exactly to go about buying a case. Customer reviews from Amazon place the case at a 4.6 rate.

This is quite an impressive score when it comes to bows. One of the possible reasons as to why the bow case could have such a rating is it’s amazingly low cost. The bow comes at a price less than 50 dollars. Very convenient for customers that don’t really want to spend so much money.

Besides, you might have already spent so much on the bow and arrows. The case provides enough protection for your bow and arrows without any fancy looks at all. It comes with a high-density foam lining that keeps your contents safe from accidents that may occur. Furthermore, the lids have holders to keep your contents compact.

2. Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series

Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series

The case has impressively taken an impressive preference by so many today. Coming in second place, the case comes at an affordable price of 90 dollars. Though a little bit more expensive than the Plano protect compact bow case, it comes with an added advantage over it.

This bow case has been airline certified so you can carry your bow across the country to any place you would like. Another fact is that it can hold almost any kind of bow firmly with ease. The holding system grips onto the contents perfectly.

3. Allen Company Gear Fit X Compound Bow Case

Allen Company Gear Fit X Compound Bow Case

The Allen Compound Bow Case is one of the most preferred bags when it comes to comfort issues. It’s made from very the soft material that makes it easy to carry around wherever you go.

It guarantees that it won’t bang around wherever you keep it.

The interior is padded to ensure that your content are kept safe all through the way. The exterior is kept in a neutral back and is you can easily mix it with your other luggage. The added advantage is that the case comes with extra outside pockets that you can use to keep your other accessories.

4. Mossy oak Compound Bow Case

Mossy oak Compound Bow Case

This is one of the simplest and cheapest bags out there. The bag comes at about 20 dollars in the market.

This is one the features that make the bag so convenient for most archers.

It comes with an easy handle for you and the exterior is also soft for easy handling. The bag is not really thick, so you should be careful to be accidental with it. The rating of the bag is currently at a 4.3 by many customers.

5. Flambeau Compound Bow Case

Flambeau Compound Bow Case

The case is most famous for its large capacity of space. Its enormous interior gives it the ability to hold any kind of bow no matter the size.

The case is also very well known for its strength. It can hold a bow safely no matter the circumstances that you may find yourself in. Therefore, you can be assured that your contents are safe.

This is made possible by the hard exterior and the added pillars that play a key role too.

6. Plano 11090-90 Protector Series Ultra Compact Bow Case

Plano 11090-90 Protector Series Ultra Compact Bow Case

The case is mostly preferred for bows used for special purposes like teaching archery classes in schools.

This is because of the fact that this kind of case is specifically designed to fit the intended bow so it perfectly houses the bow with no difficulty.

The roof of the case is crush proof. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that your bow is kept safe and sound for the longer duration of use. It can also carry six arrows, more than enough for your teaching lessons.

7. SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

The case is very good at keeping down the appearances. The design of the case makes it impossible for any malicious party to know just how the bow inside could cost. Therefore, you never become a target at any point.

The interior of the case is soft and the lid made of polyethylene which makes it hard enough to protect the bow inside. The lining is perfectly aligned to ensure no moisture gets into the inside.

8. Plano Compact Bow Case

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

This new design is one that has been aimed at making sure that your bow is kept safe as the bow is kept in a foam. However, you should be careful before the case. Make sure that your bow firmly fits into the foam so that you don’t buy the case only to find out that the bow is small and is loose in the case. Be vigilant about this always.

9. Plano Molding Company Ultra Light Bow Case

Plano Molding Company Ultra Light Bow Case

This case is one of the most ironical cases out there. It’s inexpensive but very efficient in its work. It has two pillars that add to the sturdy nature of its material. The hard exterior keeps your bow safe from any incidental pressure on the case. The interior is also padded perfectly to add on the grip of the case of the bow. It has a 4.5rating in terms of customer reviews.

10. Plano 10640 Bow Guard SE Pro 44 Bow Case

Plano 10640 Bow Guard SE Pro 44 Bow Case

The prize of the bow is usually at about 65 dollars. This is very convenient considering the fact that it offers quality protection for your bow. It has a very hard case that keeps the bow safe and it also has safety features too. It has straps that also work as arrow retainers and a foam that firmly keeps the bow in position. Lastly, it can hold close to a dozen arrows in its accessory box.

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