What Should a Beginning Archer Buy?

bow hunting

“Every master has once been a beginner” and this is a very positive mindset to start with everything, be it a sport or any other skill you want to be good at. Let’s talk about the sport of bow hunting, what to do if you are a beginner because you need to purchase right away a bow and other stuff related to bow hunting and without particular knowledge, you will be in the hot waters soon.

How to get started?

Well, there is a list of things which you must buy or the list of things which are optional and through these lists you will get a very clear idea of how this sport is being played with sophisticated equipment.

Must have items to get started:

If you want to become an archer then these (below mentioned) things make the essential list which you have to buy, without them you have no right to be called an archer at all.

1. Bow

PSE Zombie Defense Pistol Crossbow

That’s the backbone of your archery and if you happen to get a nice enough bow which suits you then archery will be somewhat a comfortable task for you. So there are reviews about best bows in our website you must go through them in order to know which one suits you according to your budget.

2. Bow Stringer

Bow Stringer

Another major part of your bow as you will have to put a string on your bow and there is no other great method to do this except a bow stringer. Especially for the beginners, this is a must have the tool in their archery kit as it is safe to do the job.

3. Get the right arrow

Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows 2

If you somehow get to know the right weight of your arrow then you will be hitting the targets with great precision no matter you are a beginner. It is a standard practice by many archers to buy arrows at the time of purchasing a bow as it might be really helpful in determining the right weight of the arrow.

4. Nocking Point

Bow Nocking Point

This is a point through which you release your arrow and don’t forget that if this point is fixed for you then you will be very much consistent in achieving your targets. There are a couple of methods to make nock point and using brass points or serving string is the methods to actually do this task. You will surely need a bow technician to help you set nock point and you can put it wherever you need it. (There are some recommendations regarding the nock points you should go through them as well).

5. Make your own targets

bow hunting

This one is important as it has nothing to do with purchasing or making any changes to the bow. This is the time to go outside and have some shooting and you will definitely require some targets to shoot at. So what will be those targets? It can be a picture or a standard bull’s eye chart to really know how much accuracy you are getting. Just don’t forget to put safety behind your targets so any sort of accident could be avoided. There are some recommended paper targets as well like “champion 24 inches bullseye targets 2-pack” or the other one is “Bone collector 400 FPS target” as well.

Recommended Items for you

Well, these items are not really necessary or essential but their importance cannot be neglected. These items will definitely increase the comfort level of your archery and will make you popular amongst your friends too.

1. Arms Guard

When you pull a string there is always a chance that when you release the string it can hit your arm or hurt you as well. So in order to get rid of this, you need an armed guard to save yourself from the string after releasing it. The recommended arm guard from you is the one “Tarantula Sleeve Wrap” (other sleeves are also available).

2. Glove

You should definitely consider this as it might prove to be really helpful. It will protect your fingers when you will release the arrow and without this you will probably end up being with swollen fingers which in return decrease your accuracy level. “Neet Suede Shooting Glove” is recommended for you just check it out.

3. Arrow Rest

Some bows have built in arrow rest and if not then you can also buy it. The arrow rest is simply the place where your arrow can relax after being drawn. This is really important t have installed in your bow.

4. Broadhead Wrench

In order to unscrew the broadhead tip, you will require broadhead wrench so you might not need to use your won fingers to accomplish this task. Well, we have selected you the recommended wrench “Allen Company Broadhead Wrench”, this will surely give you the better result.

5. Wax of Bowstring

Your string has the certain lifetime and you would not want it to be shorter anyway. In order to lessen the friction of the string, you need to use wax of bow string. This lubrication process will help you increase the lifetime of you string and not only this but it will also give your strong protection against unwanted particles. “Allen Company Bow String Wax” is recommended for you.

Optional Items

If you want to make your archery an enjoyable sport then these items will surely help you out let’s have a look.

  1. Sight

This is where you aim your target and don’t forget that many recurve bows don’t come with sights. Well, it will decrease the level of difficulty so this tool is not for those who want archery to be a bit more challenging.

  1. Quiver

This is a place of keeping your arrows and it would be really nice to have the quiver in order to pull arrows one by another in quick succession of time. You can put the quiver on your shoulder or arm as well. “Bear Archery Quiver” is one recommended for you.

  1. String Whisker Silencer

It is used for reducing the noise of the string of your bow but it will not affect any other parameter of your bow including the accuracy and the speed. There are some recommended whisker silencers for you and “Rubber Whisker Bow String Silencers” is one of them.


After reading this article you should be able to have a clear idea about what to buy and how to buy. Even then if you have any sort of query which has not been described then you can just contact us to help you sort out the problem.

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