Barnett Penetrator Crossbow Package Review

What Is It?

Barnett Penetrator Crossbow PackageThis is another state of the art Barnett bows product. The Penetrator Crossbow from this brand is the highly accurate, speedy and quality crossbow with the very affordable price, and you should not worry about the quality of the bow at all.

This one is the latest in the series of crossbows and the Mag Riser increases the safety factor from 5 to 1.


  • Design

Barnett Penetrator Crossbow Package 2The Crosswire Strings attached in this crossbow aims to give you the accurate, speedy shot and it does not generate a lot of noise as well. The special trigger system of this crossbow attracts the hunters and the sportsmen towards it as it comes with Anti dry fire and metal injection molding.

The optimum speed which you will be able to get from this bow is around 350 feet per second (and don’t forget that the kinetic energy comes with greater speed).

The 12 inches long power stroke enables you to hit the arrow with greater speed.

  • Safety

The safety for the archer has also been under consideration while manufacturing this bow as the safety factor for this bow goes something like 5 to 1 (which is really incredible).

The whiplash cams are used for faster shots and not to forget that it makes very low noise so the hunting becomes really quite with this penetrator crossbow.

  • Weight

The trigger pull weighs around 3.5 pounds and there is a crank attachment into this which makes it really simple to use of the cranking device (which does not come with the package).

The items which are included in this package are; Penetrator crossbow, arrows, scope and the quiver (in order to keep your arrows in it). Some of the major specifications of this penetrator crossbow are; the draw weight of this bow is around 175 pounds (and it is more than many of the crossbows out there for sure). The energy level for this crossbow is around 120 feet pounds of energy (it is really huge); the power stroke of this crossbow is of 12 inches.

  • Speed

The speed of the penetrator is a special trait of this bow as it goes something like 350 feet per second. The size of this crossbow is not that much huge and it is very comfortable in handling with the length of 37 inches and the width of 24 inches. It is very light in weight as well just weighs around 8.6 pounds. The arrow size for this crossbow is 20 inches. The one thing you must know prior to buying this item is that you would need to buy the crank as it is not included in the package.

The general perception about this bow is that it works perfectly fine with the already given length and weight bolt so you are also advised not to do any experiment on this. Well If you really want to know what this Penetrator crossbow is really capable of doing then here is the list for you, It is very powerful and lightning quick as well, and because of the speed it gets the more kinetic energy to take down any sort of target.

  • The Pros & Cons

The major advantage of having this crossbow is accuracy because accuracy is any archer’s dream and if you get accurate with your bow then there is no better feeling than that. The grip of this crossbow is very comfortable and you won’t feel any kind of hesitation in handling this. It looks very nice because of the fine mixture of the colors. The innovative trigger is just amazing with new technology.

The only major concern you will have using this crossbow is that you will face difficulties to cock; the recoil is also there so it is advised not to be used by underage persons.


So these are the list of pros and cons but if we compare this penetrator crossbow with other bows you will actually feel that the price is bit high (yet affordable) but the quality which comes with this price is enormous. You are advised to buy this if you want a crossbow with higher speed and accuracy under a low budget, you must go for it as this will be the ultimate hunting experience with the bow which you will never forget.


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